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To my dear friend, Ricci King, on her special day:  a poem, just for her…   I love you, my dear friend.  I am thankful for every year since that first night we talked until three in the morning.  Enjoy your birthday to its fullest.  You deserve all things good and wonderful! XO  Love, Victoria 

Is your thyroid low?

Has your waistline seemed to grow?

Is your face more apt to wrinkle?

(When you laugh, do you now tinkle?)

Has your chin begun to drop?

(Are your boobs named “flip” and “flop”?)

Are those gray roots kinda scary?

(Are your tweezers twice as hairy?)

Has the youth upon your face

Gone and left – without a trace?

Do your hormones wax and wane…

Driving loved ones all insane?

If these answers all are “yes”

Then, we needn’t even guess

That the object of this rhyme

Is your “fifty-something” time…

But, there’s good in spite of truth

Birthdays aren’t just for our youth!!!

And there’s no cause to be snappy…

With that new smile, just CHOOSE HAPPY!

Pull some “SEXY” off your shelf –

Then, indulge your happy self!

Keep NOTHING clean and pure ;)

Get a wax and pedicure!

Cherish love from all your friends

(Dye your grays and trim those ends!)

Drink some well-aged, good red wine

You’ll be stoked and feeling fine!

Most of all, just know it’s true –

I’m so thankful that you’re “YOU” –

And, with each year that goes by,

You’re still beautiful and spry.

That YOU’RE in MY life, I’m blessed

(We’ve been through autism’s test…)

And, I treasure ALLLLLL you are

(And, I wish you weren’t so far.)

So, in lieu of breaking bread,

I wrote this poem here, instead.

Though you’re OLD, try to remember…

On this day in mid-September –

It’s your day, you birthday queen!

You look SO good – it’s obscene!


Shake that bootay… DO YO’ THING!


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