Be Excellent!™

It is hard to believe, but fifteen years have come and gone since Gary and I completed the first draft of our phonics-based reading system, Expeditions to Excellence!   I want to personally share our joy that, after all of these years, endless nights, weekends and vacations spent in writing, re-writing, clinical testing, and working with many, many awesome people, we are really, truly, cutting the ribbon and officially going to market with it!  From the onset, it has been a labor of passion, a journey initially borne of challenges with our son, and a conviction-based project that we believe has the power to transform young lives and has the potential to change the trajectory of literacy in a positive direction, forever.  We are incredibly excited to announce the completion of our website at  We are delivering it all on the web in a comprehensive and fun format that is easy and entertaining to use.  Even better, we have created the best reading product available offered to any parent, any educator and any child for FREE!  It can also be easily adapted for children with special needs and autism, and our “goals section” in every expedition can be transformed into I.E.P. goals.  It is a dream of very large proportions, come true. Below is our ad campaign video, along with a few developmental/readiness songs.  Please visit our website to access the entire repertoire of songs, videos and awesome phonics-based reading tools!

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