My Dear Jordan Elizabeth,

Today, you are a quarter of a century old! This, of course, signals something that’s incredibly important: I need to stop telling people that I’m 35.

As you entered the world in 1991, the United States was embroiled in the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas endlessly grilling him about sexual misconduct allegedly perpetrated by him against Anita Hill. In other news, the Berlin Wall had just recently come down, and the stock market had just come up to over 3000 for the first time ever. The “world wide web” had sprung into being in 1991 and revolutionized our way of life… just as you did! … (and, arguably, you have made an even bigger impact than it did).

As your dark, sparkling eyes and magnificent head of gorgeous baby hair graced my hospital room for the first time, you made headlines of a different kind in our life that would never fade like the news of the day and here we are – in the blink of an eye – celebrating the 25th year of that magnificent blessing to us. You originally arrived as the most perfect specimen of life we could have imagined and now you enter the next quarter of life with an abundance of spirit, an unwavering conviction to excel, a generous heart for your family and an abiding love for God and your neighbors that is still perfect in our eyes. Well done. Really, really well done, my dear.

As the lyrics of this beautiful song in the video describe, you had better anticipate that, STILL,

In the morning when you rise,
I bless the sun, I bless the skies.
I bless your lips, I bless your eyes.
My blessing goes with you.


When your weary heart is tired,
If the world would leave you uninspired,
When nothing more of love’s desired,
My blessing goes with you.

In addition to all of the blessings that have always been with you is also a special birthday prayer. Now that you are a 25-year-old adult woman with buckets of your own wisdom, my prayer is that you learn early what your 50-something parents took twice as long to fully grasp: Go forward into the next wonderful quarter-century pursuing only those meaningful things and relationships that your future self will thank you for.

As a stockbroker, you know the importance of making sound financial investments. Protect the rest of your assets in the same way. Love, fidelity, loyalty, kindness, generosity, fun, laughter, beauty of heart, patience, understanding and all of the wonderful traits that make you “YOU” are the blessings you carry to others. Your future self will never regret sowing those seeds, especially among the like-minded. Your future self will prosper greatly if you never take those same blessings in others for granted in any way. That is how to not only count your blessings, but to make all your blessings count.

So, my amazing daughter, let me wish you an equally amazing and happy birthday today and, as the lyrics say:

When the storms of life are strong,
When you’re wounded, when you don’t belong,
When you no longer hear my song,
My blessing goes with you.

This is my prayer for you,
There for you, ever true,
Each, every day for you,
In everything you do.

We love you so much. Dad and I are incredibly proud of you. Twenty-five years after your birth in 1991, Supreme Court judges continue to be nominated, our country is still talking about walls, the stock market has risen five-fold and the “world wide web” now delivers your birthday greeting via Facebook and my personal blog, neither of which any of us imagined, way back when you were born. Events come and go, many things change, but these two things will stay the same forever – and beyond: I bless you and you bless me too.

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  1. njberlinger

    Lovely! I don’t know why you need to stop telling people you are 35! You really only look 36 ……. No one will know!

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